Monday, November 28, 2016


The names and place of these events have been changed...

A friend of mine had married an older man, who had a previous family in Europe.  This man, had children and an ex-wife, but these people ceased to exist when he moved to North America. He was a dreamer, he was an explorer, he had in his previous life worn black ties but now would only wear jeans and t-shirts.

I think that by now you suspect that this man had issues, but he was fun, he was interesting and he was, it would appear, a loving husband.

For some reason this friends decided to sell their downtown apartment and buy a house in the country.  My friend still had a job in the city, she was earning wages and he husband was planning some trip, exploration of the far North...

In reality he was a dreamer; he dreamed of a better chicken coop -- and so he demolished the chicken coop to build a new one, but his musing and the weather got in the way of his building a new chicken coop, the sheep needed more pasture, but again the weather, his music or his trip planning got in the way!

During all this time he decided that the house needed to be remodeled, starting with the stairs that went from the ground floor to the first floor, where the main bedroom was located.  His solution, before designing a new staircase was to demolish the current stair case and replace it with a ladder... that ladder was there for more than a year.

By then the chicken were dead, the sheep's wool was so dirty that it was unsellable.  The staircase was a ladder, and my friend's father arrived for a weekend!  He was an amazing wood worker and already in his late 60s, within 12 hours he had built a staircase for the house so that although not perfect it made getting up and down easier.

On Monday of the following week my friend's husband demolished the staircase and the ladder was re-installed!  Needless to say that the marriage ended soon thereafter when my friend discover that her husband was "diddling" a neighbor (who eventually became his wife).

The house was sold -- as is, without a staircase!

The moral of the story, a ladder is always better than a staircase, because "someday" you will build the most amazing staircase.


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