Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What the Fu$k

Talk about getting it wrong...again

What happened last night was a repeat of the Brexit vote a few months ago, hundreds of polls showed that Clinton was winning, and then she lost.  America and the world face the great unknown now.  What will Trump do how will he behave.

I guess he's lost his twitter privileges for ever!

The establishment candidate was rejected by the electorate, and Trump's winning was crushing.  We can talk about vote suppression but Trump won, handily the popular vote.  The electorate decided "this is not working for me, it has not worked for a long time, lets try something new...I will probably not be worse off and I could be better off too!"

One thing for sure, all these judges that needed to be nominated will now have a strong conservative flavor, Roe Vs Wade will be re-opened.  The markets will freak-out and but will eventually stabilize. Matt Taibbi wrote a funny (not so funny now) article about Trump moving into the White House.


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