Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote early, vote often!

A very very old joke when ballot stuffing was still a thing...

Anyway, today is the day where America chooses between a women and a crazy guy (I make no bones of disliking Trump).  Again a historic event whereby for the first time in American history a women will hold the highest office.  It will be interesting to see how she deals with Congress?

My guts tells me that she will not work the same way as Obama -- she's got a whole lot of stuff to take care of, first of which is dealing with the problems around the ACA.

As for the electoral process although Trump talks the talk I am relatively certain that he doesn't walk the walk.  Of course if the races are very close, there will be legal challenges -- I would hope that the winner is crowned by 9:05 tonight -- that Clinton wins enough from the east coast to make victory a sure thing.  We shall see. There is a strong likelihood that this will be a long drawn out affaire, that we will not know the result before the morning and it could go on for even longer (the 2000 election took 30 days).  However, this will only occur if its close.  Over the past few days Trump has said that the polls are fixed (sure thousands of polls have been fixed...)

I hope there is little or no poll violence, Trumps' supporters, some appear to be unhinged, gun carrying KKK members that will see it as their right to stop all minorities from voting.  Again, democracy could surprise us -- as it does from time to time.  One thing for sure, its that the media certainly enabled Trump more than any other GOP candidate.  He had that train reck quality -- even if you don't want to watch you feel a need to watch.

The damage to the GOP is certain "am I with this guy?" is certain to ring loud and clear over the next few weeks.  Clearly, there dog whistle of the past 40 years cannot be silenced and that's a problem for the GOP.  How do you deal with this "new" wing of the GOP.  The question is really how much of the old GOP remains?

Part of the GOP's problem is its toxic relationship with the Alt-right and talk radio/cable -- which espouses increasingly extreme views to improve viewership.  I see no easy solution here.  In fact, there is a lot of pressure (read money) that is already screaming that the problem is that Trump was too far to the left...its actually hard to believe but some people..

Anyway, I will probably not watch the elections tonight since either it will be over very quick or it will be an endless affaire.  There's got to be something better of the TV (oops I don't even own a TV) ok so a good book it is!


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