Monday, November 21, 2011

OWS -- Montreal edition

I suspected that Montreal's mayor would not take any action  to evict OWS (Montreal edition) leaving that task to the weather!  We get lots of snow (none so far) in Montreal -- and tents are really not made for such weather.  Anyway, it turns out that those who organized the protest in Victoria Square are leaving.  

The reason is that any loose movement such as OWS has a tendency to bring its share of problems - and whereas elsewhere in the city the police deals with these problems at OWS the cops stay well away.  Turns out that there is a very real problem with drugs/drink and mental illness (BTW I am not making fun of these people here), and so the organizers have had enough and are leaving.  Unfortunately, it doesn't solve the problem of the tent city -- but it gives an opportunity to the mayor to move in and remove the rest.

Frankly, the OWS has gotten all it can expect -- it has changed the debate, the next stage requires something more than a few hundred people to sit in the sidewalk  But remember OWS is the first organisation (after the Tea Party) to change the conversation, and they have done this without sponsorship.  Proof, if any was needed, that free societies can still effect change.

As for those who remain, the smart ones should go home ASAP (now that the "leaders" are going home).  Get the rest into homeless shelters, and other organisation better able to deal with their problems.  The press speaks of several fights that broke out in the camp over the weekend...


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