Monday, November 14, 2011

OWS -- Montreal kind of a dump

OK so this morning at 7 am I was walking by OWS (Montreal version).  As I walk a guy walks out of his tent and starts pissing -- literally right there in front of me.  The worse part, there was a Porta-Cabine 10 feet away.  The site is increasingly gross with refuse everywhere -- despite the city installing large blue bins they are empty and the junk is on the ground (I know I saw a garbage truck going round all the bins and picking none of them -- empty).

If nothing else, these guys should pick up their shit!  It makes the whole place look like a dump, and there is no reason for this just laziness.  Maybe the Montreal Mayor will tackle this issue (then again probably not -- more interesting in seeing the world that one).

Finally, this morning the King of Jordan "encouraged" the President of Syria to resign!  


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