Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2014 -- When 26% of Canada's population goes wireless

When I moved to Canada in 2002 I had a cell phone, a land line, a fax line.  Now, I have only one phone, a mobile phone.  I have high speed internet (and skype for long distance phone calls).  The whole thing changed when I finally looked at my bell Canada bill (Internet/phone/satellite TV), my total monthly bill was nearly $300.  That's $3,600 a year -- and I didn't feel I was getting much value for money.

Videotron a Montreal based upstart offered me a similar service (cable provider) and my total bill dropped to $105 per month (still got a phone line, TV and internet).  Few months ago I looked at how I was using TV/Internet and phone, bottom line I never used the phone line (only received irritating telemarketers calls), and I just didn't watch as much TV.  My total bill last month was $39.75.  In a decade my "communication" bill went from $3,600 p.a. to $477 p.a. (I've got a cell phone but its outside of that billing -- and it costs less than $50 a month) .  So my digital entertainment cost fell by 87% in a decade.

No wonder Canadians are switching off their home phone, they get the Bell Canada bill ($72 for basic services) and wonder if they cannot do better with Cell phones.  Guess what they can, and they are.  It is estimated that by the end of 2014, 26% of all Canadians will only rely on cell phones!


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