Thursday, September 8, 2011

Liberals are morons

The "Defense against Marriage Act" or the "Patriot Act" are exactly the opposite of what they preach to be, that's the conservative way -- give it a name that sounds good, so that people will listen to you, and the do what you want (for those of Canadian persuasion the first is against Gay marriage and the second is to ensure that civil liberty are further eroded)!

Liberals are cretins:  This morning on the radio some group called "AgainstPPP" (which means Public Private partnership) made lots of noise because a hospice run as a PPP was using hiring methods that would be illegal in the public sector -- except this institution is not in the public sector (which makes their whole argument moot by the way).  Anyway, this group's statement was that this hospice should be run by the government and that these people were crooks!  Finally, and this is the funny part (hence the stupidity of this group) there are no complaints about patientcare, no its to do with the idea that the private sector can run things in the healthcare sector.

Problem is when you start with a group called AgainstPPP the listeners already knows that you have a "hidden" motive, so the strength of your argument is reduced.  It would have been much better for this group to take a name such as:  Group for the protection of soft kittens, or Group for the protection of the vulnerable older granny with soft eyes and a willingness to give you candies.  That's the conservative way!

Liberals just don't get it!  they're morons!  1984 thought us that the medium is the message.



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