Thursday, September 22, 2011

What’s with ‘Merica?

I want to speak specifically about the Wall Street protests that have been going on for a few days.  There’s been a virtual media blackout on the subject as if it were not taking place.  I guess the only place you hear about it is in the foreign press (BBC, TV5 and Al-Jazzira), not the WSJ or NYT not CBS, NBC or Fox. Complete media blackout, and now the latest rumors that some web site are blocking emails about the protest (you know do what you will , and then apologize later if you get caught).  Apparently some protesters were arrested for wearing masks, because in NYC there are laws against wearing masks…

I wonder how the American media would react if the demonstration were in Egypt or Syria? 

Friends who live in Chicago tell me about curfews for 18 or less youth.  Chicago is the one I know about, but I understand that these curfews have been expanding all over the U.S. in recent years to combat youth bands steeling and beating passersby [I read that a few thousand cities now have curfews in place]. 

Only thing missing to the mix is a bunch of guns (I don’t know on which side) and you’ve got an explosive situation.  Yesterday’s Feds statement is a recognition that the monetary authorities have run out of ammunition (or ideas) the government is paralyzed, the Democrats don’t know what to do, the Republicans are looking to do as much damage to the economy – believing that Obama and the Democrats will be held responsible – image a party that says “uncertainty damages the economy” and the tries its worse with a debate about raising the debt ceiling and stating that they may stop honouring America’s obligations (like that’s not a calculated move to destroy confidence) . 


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