Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bumper Crop for 2011

Still a little too early to be sure, but 2011 is looking like a good year for Canadian farming.  The weather has been clement with lots of rain in the early season and a dry end to the summer.  We are not talking 2008/09 levels of production for wheat, soybean, canola and Barley, but still very acceptable.

Although Canada is not (by far) the largest producer of these grains, it is one of the world's largest exporter of grains.  BTW, how many people know that the world's single largest exporter if rice is the good old US of A.

Anyway, a bit of interesting Canadian news.

As an aside, everyone on Eastern North America noticed this year that lobster were cheap.  At first, you think its your imagination, but it turns out that 2011 summer has been a "bumper crop" for lobsters.  Somehow the North American lobster fisherman have been very successful, and the average size of the lobsters has also risen. No one knows what's the reason for this!  Is it the conservation measures that were implemented a few decades ago, is it the warming of the oceans.. No one knows.


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