Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I'm reading

  • The FT has a "profile" of what's going on with Rick Perry here
  • The "new Pepsi" in economics Nominal GDP as a policy tool worth the read here  Don't know if he's crazy about this theory -- it may work, but there are real issues here too!
  • Proof that Ron Paul is running for his next gig:  FoxNews here
  • Bronte Capital continue to rip the reverse take-over crowd here
  • My first job, was in 15 September 1987, went for 4 weeks of training, my first "in office" day was on October 19th 1987.  Terrible storm overnight (London) with most Tube lines running "short" service.  Arrived in the office to see the Dow Jones down 20% -- asked my boss "is this normal?"  here


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