Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Star treck has arrived!

Ok, most guys (women usually don't care about this one little bit) remember that in all the star trek episodes someone was speaking to their computer to get things done.  You know "Computer where is Scotty!", well today in Palo Alto, Apple unveiled Siri -- its new app on the Iphone4S (no Iphone 5) where one guy asked to its phone:  Will I need my raincoat today, and the phone answer "it certainly looks like it will rain today", or please wake me up at 6 am tomorrow -- and the phone sets up a wake up call.

Now having tried to used Naturally Speaking by Dragon (it really really sucked).  It reminds me, an older colleague with poor eyesight (or just getting older) found out that you could speak to your Blackberry to get it to dial a phone number.  Set up was simple, but endless hilarity ensued, I think I almost pissed my pants I was laughing so hard, when he could not even call his number, it would not recognize anyone at all.


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