Friday, October 14, 2011

Iphone 4S

OK so this morning I was listening to the news, apparently in Montreal's sole Apple store there was a 200 people line up to snag the new Iphone 4s.  Lets be clear here, the phone that Apple sells in its store is unlocked and so full priced (about $700 each) and look exactly like the "old" Iphone. You got to give it to Jobs/Apple to create this kind of frenzy for a product and which you can get at any phone store (for $100 + 3 year contract) where you have to explain that your phone is better than the old one...

On a separate note yesterday the internet was very sluggish.  Turns out it was not a local phenomena, apparently, and I have a hard time believing this was true, it was due to the release of iSO5 (also by apple), its new operating system -- again most if not all the changes are "under the hood"...massive number of Apple users were downloading the software (takes about 60 minutes)

Strange world we live in, Kudos to Apple.


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